online cake shop t nagar -Quarantine cakes

We are a generation who take selfies with sharks opening their mouths to gulp us and would make the Titanic feel sick with our mobile cameras if it ever happened today. The pandemic failed to scare most of us who sit here thinking of incorporating it in television advertisements, TV soaps, party take home gifts… Continue reading online cake shop t nagar -Quarantine cakes

Husbands and birthdays

Birthday cakes for husbands is the most thoughtful action that anyone woman would do. An inclination to honour the day is followed by preparations where suspense and sneakiness to hide the efforts, is inevitable. The entire environment around the birthday man gets treacherous and pleasantly conspires to fetch happiness to that wonderful man. Gratitude is… Continue reading Husbands and birthdays

Crawling towards the first cake shop in T.nagar

Ordering birthday cakes for toddlers is a unique experience where visual appeal gains importance. The cake speaks a lot about the birthday child’s perception about the atmosphere around. These cakes for toddlers are not all the same and differ for girls and boys. Sometimes, cake designs are chosen in the online cake shop based on… Continue reading Crawling towards the first cake shop in T.nagar

Celebrating life with cakes

These days any event in one’s life is celebrated with cakes. These cakes which mark an occasion are known as celebration cakes. Popular cake flavours include banana cake with cheese, New York based cheese cake, chocolate coconut cake, carrot and walnut cake, lemon yoghurt cake with syrup, flourless orange cakes, sponge cakes, red velvet, chocolate… Continue reading Celebrating life with cakes

Celebrations with designer cakes

Designer cake is a theme cake which is customized according to client requirements. When cake size, ingredients and appearance are mentioned, bakers design the cake accordingly. These cakes are the latest trends in parties immaterial of what the occasion is. When an online cake delivery in Chennai is made, be it weddings, birthdays or other… Continue reading Celebrations with designer cakes

Let your cake join the party

There can’t be a better way than theme cakes to pep up excitement to the host and invites of a party, than theme cakes. Cakes gain more value when their appearance appeals to the theme of the party. Theme cakes could be in designs like indoor games, favourite cartoon characters, hobbies, cosmetics or fast food,… Continue reading Let your cake join the party

Enhance birthdays with photo cakes in Chennai

Cakes have come a long way through and have outgrown flour, butter, eggs, sugar, icing patterns and flavours. That was past or perhaps ancient. These days innovation is a heavy part of cakes and online cake delivery in Chennai is the new normal to fetch the most delicious cakes. This is an apt idea, since… Continue reading Enhance birthdays with photo cakes in Chennai

Indian passport of American cheesecake

With the boom of IT industry, many outlets have sprung for serving European and American dishes, snacks and desserts. International food chains have realized the demand for such desserts and compete with one another in Chennai to offer the most delectable cakes and cheesecakes. Few of the popular flavours of cheesecake in Chennai include blueberry,… Continue reading Indian passport of American cheesecake

The chef’s mousse

Mousse is a foamy dish which might either be a dessert or savoury. While savoury mousse are made from poultry and fish and stabilized with gelatin, dessert mousse includes chocolate and fruits like lemon, orange, blueberry, banana and mango. The dessert is served cold, mostly as frozen ones. Normally mousse is egg based, which gives… Continue reading The chef’s mousse

Homemade dessert dreams

Homemade chocolates are trending in Chennai, with fruits and dry fruits joining the party. Homedelivery services in T.Nagar Chennai are busy handling orders for the latest versions of these chocolates.