About Us

About us


A very warm welcome from Krishika Karthik, CEO of kichees baked delights. If you are looking this! Then for sure you are a new family member of kichees baked delights. Let me tell you about kichees Baked Delights, we are typically a home bakery! That served a lot of freshly baked product to supermarkets and also to our customers since 2007.

The concept of Kichees baked delights was started in 2007, while I was doing my graduation, i had a hobby of making chocolates and I use to gift it to my friends and families. In return I got a lot of appreciation for my chocolates and everyone motivated me to start it as a business. After completing the hotel management course, I went to Switzerland and San Francisco to learn the art of chocolate making and Then after completing my MBA, I started to concentrate in chocolate making and then decided to take it as a business. Initially it was a small startup! But due to the constant support from my clients, this brand has made a huge success in the home banking industry and now we are successfully completing our 13th years.

I did my Hotel management course in baking and confectionery in 2010 and then in 2019 I completed My Diploma course in Baking, Pastry and confectionery at food consulate.

Did my first chocolate exhibition in Taj on 2007, And it was my first success for my brand. Because! after that I got featured in lot of magazines and news article regarding my brand and the products. I have also taken few workshops in IIT and from then, till now! we have participated in lot of stall activities and in other exhibitions too.

Recently we have participated in PMC at Phoenix market city in Chennai, conducted by lime soda.

Our range includes Cakes, Cookies, biscuits, Homemade Chocolates, Mousse, Tart, Cheese cake, Customized gift boxes and Puffs.

And finally, I wanted to Thank all my clients who have made this brand a huge success.

If you are a new family member, then Go Check our products and order now to taste our freshly baked kichees products.