The chef’s mousse

Mousse is a foamy dish which might either be a dessert or savoury. While savoury mousse are made from poultry and fish and stabilized with gelatin, dessert mousse includes chocolate and fruits like lemon, orange, blueberry, banana and mango. The dessert is served cold, mostly as frozen ones.

Normally mousse is egg based, which gives frothy nature that defines the mousse. However, mousse is available in eggless versions too. Thandai mousse is an Indian version, thanks to the rich, dry fruit filled North East Indian cold drink.

Popular in America, mousse is of French origin and entered the US only in 1892, through food exposition held in Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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Cartoon cakes are popular among kids and these cakes are apt options for celebrating birthdays of kids aged below five years. Children are ecstatic when they find their super heroes in the form of cakes on their special day. Theme based cakes are also gaining momentum among those who purchase cakes for special occasions.

On a concluding note, whatever the dessert or occasion might be, the purchases are made to enjoy and feel good and therefore one must buy them from reputed shops which are known for their expertise.