Homemade dessert dreams

Besides ingredients such as cocoa, butter and sugar, homemade chocolates contain one inevitable ingredient which is passion. Homemade chocolates, especially those from Ooty are famous ever since 1945, almost at the end of British raj. The chocolate making tradition started up when the hot climate of Chennai and other parts of South India took a toll on British soldiers and officers.

Cadbury was established in 1947 after which Indian chocolate industry rose to considerable prominence. Cocoa farming in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu pioneered chocolate making industry in South India. Kingstar is one of the oldest brands founded in 1942 in Ooty which made chocolates and fudges and sells cakes and candles as well.

Kichees baked delight is a cake shop in T.Nagar which is popular for its homemade chocolates besides other products such as celebration cakes, travel cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts, brownies, cookies, customized gift boxes, mousse, cheese cakes and tarts. Their decade plus expertise offers best products which are moving fast through their home delivery services in T.Nagar Chennai.

Interestingly Krishika Karthik, the CEO flew to Switzerland and San Fransisco, after completing her hotel management course, to know more about making chocolates. This experience gives a winning edge to her desserts in comparison to her counterparts in the city. No wonder their online cake shop is buzzing with orders not only for cakes but also for homemade chocolates.

The online cake website of Kichees baked delight offers homemade chocolates which are white chocolates, dark chocolates and milk chocolates. These chocolates are filled with shavings of lemon and orange besides dry fruits, grape fruits, cranberries, pomegranates, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries to name a few.

The varieties of these chocolates also include three ingredient chocolate coconut balls, cookies and cream cups, toffee style chocolates among a myriad of others which boast rich imagination.

The T.Nagar cake shop offers bite sized homemade chocolates in a plethora of designs and a spectrum of fillings. These homemade chocolates are the best bet when one wants to add sweets to their return gifts for occasions such as birthdays and weddings. Besides occasions, chocolates are also popular gifts during Indian festivals. They are also a good option for an NRI who wants to share happiness with loved ones in Chennai. Home delivery services accept orders for small and big occasions.

Homemade chocolates are facing a transition through trends which are moving it to the next generation. The citrus shavings are slowly being replaced by yoghurt and pepper with desserts like crème brulee, crepes, tiramisu, milkshake and ice creams posing as flavours in homemade chocolates.

Amidst tough competition, Kichees baked delights stays among the top in delivering homemade chocolates and other desserts. With the European accent of training in making chocolates and cakes, one could not ask for more. A visit to the cake shop in T.Nagar or their online cake website would leave one spoilt for choices. Whatever the product may be, cakes, chocolates or truffles, quality is a prominent ingredient in anything on the rack.