Cookie mania at T nagar

Traced back to Perisa in 7 century AD, cookies have come a long way from being a simple sweet bite that was munched during tea time. Creativity has added value to cookies, which has accommodated berries, nuts, oatmeal, potato chip, banana, almond, chocolate, carrot, coconut, pumpkin and still counting. What started as breakfast option, cookies… Continue reading Cookie mania at T nagar

When Brownie came to India

Brownies are popular both as the melted chocolate and fudgy versions. The thought of lavishly sprinkled nuts, creamy cheese, chocolate chips and other ingredients would simply drive anyone to reach out for an online cake shop to make a massive order and just indulge. Brownies were developed in the United States and popular in North… Continue reading When Brownie came to India

Chennai and cupcakes story

Desserts are as hot selling as elsewhere in Chennai and patrons pile cake shops with orders. Cake shops are in par with their European and Western counterparts in terms of quality and authenticity when it comes to serving celebration cakes, travel cakes, cup cakes, doughnuts, brownies, cookies, customized gift boxes, homemade chocolates, mousse, cheesecake and… Continue reading Chennai and cupcakes story

Dreaming on… She Dreamt chocolates and turned her dreams into reality

Sweet taste of success

Krishika – making lives sweeter – City Express

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