Cookie mania at T nagar

Traced back to Perisa in 7 century AD, cookies have come a long way from being a simple sweet bite that was munched during tea time. Creativity has added value to cookies, which has accommodated berries, nuts, oatmeal, potato chip, banana, almond, chocolate, carrot, coconut, pumpkin and still counting. What started as breakfast option, cookies are now found at work, when a pensive employee is trying to meet deadline. Nankhatai are Indian version of cookies, which are made with condensed milk.

Kichees baked delights is a cake shop in T.Nagar, which is known for its cookies, besides other items such as celebration cakes, travel cakes, cup cakes, doughnuts, brownies, cookies, customized gift boxes, homemade chocolates, mousse, cheesecake and tarts. Its online cake shop is busy processing orders, thanks to their professional expertise, be it product or service.

Despite being associated to Europe and North America, Indian chefs are no less in making cookies as authentically as their western counterparts do. Home delivery services in T.Nagar Chennai, would vouch for Indian prowess in making the best cookies.

The online cake website of Kichees delights smilingly meets the piling orders without a grunt and with pride. The many variants of cookies include bar cookies, drop cookies, filled cookies, molded cookies, no-bake cookies, pressed cookies, refrigerated cookies, rolled cookies, sandwich cookies, low fat cookies, supersized cookies, vegan cookies and cookie cakes. The list does not end because every morning awaits an innovation for the avid chef.

Fusion dishes expand the imagination for instance when cookies meet ice creams, lemon, chocolate, burfi, rose pistachio and gulab jamoon. Cinnamon and peanut butter are most popular flavours in cookies. Other flavours include almond, caramel, cardamom, peppermint, ginger honey, coconut, espresso, orange and vanilla.

 Being at the heart of the city, online cake delivery in T.Nagar, Chennai, is far busier than other parts of the city. Being close to most corporate offices, with people wanting to have a bite of freshly made cookies, such demand is not a surprise. Owing to competition, home delivery services throw numerous offers such as fastest delivery, no minimum order and GPS tracking to know where your delivery is actually located.

Kichees baked delights, the T.Nagar cake shop is versatile not only in making the most delicious cookies, whatever its format might be, but also expert in dispatching delivery orders. Aware of customer’s eagerness to have a bite, the online cake shop never meddles with quality while meeting speedy delivery.

This is one bakery where visitors to Chennai also carry some of the delights as souvenir to loved ones and for themselves. Also popular in food delivery apps, the passionate owner (who flied to Switzerland and San Francisco to learn about chocolates and cakes), is very particular about customer satisfaction.

One could also visit the cake shop in T.Nagar and check out the varieties that the bakery offers. They have room for improvement and also customize their product according to client requirements. Cookies are hot favourite in their customized gift box segment.