Enhance birthdays with photo cakes in Chennai

Cakes have come a long way through and have outgrown flour, butter, eggs, sugar, icing patterns and flavours. That was past or perhaps ancient. These days innovation is a heavy part of cakes and online cake delivery in Chennai is the new normal to fetch the most delicious cakes. This is an apt idea, since personally carrying cakes might damage it, while professionals are trained to deliver cakes effortlessly and trouble shoot problems en route. Especially so, one could afford risks while transporting designer cakes in the most amateur way and spoil celebrations with regrets.

When you pick up your mobile and just type ‘order cake online Chennai, you not only have a safe delivery, but also hygienic and free delivery of the dessert. Photo cakes are trending in birthday celebrations as well as other celebrations since they pep up cheer in the occasion. But since cakes are purchased once in a while, it should be planned well ahead. Photo cakes in Chennai are designed to suit the occasion with no compromise whatsoever in appearance, taste and quality.

After choosing the best birthday cake shop Chennai, visit the cake shop is possible to check out what they offer. Have a discussion with them about your requirements and see how you could fit some innovations in your cakes. Observe their display and staff for hygiene maintenance because you need a healthy cake as much as you need a tasty cake.

Speaking about the best online cake order for Chennai based parties, Kichees Baked Delights is the right answer. This cake shop has the top cake designers in Chennai, who incorporate your imagination in the cakes, within your budget. They offer delightful flavours that match with your mood and pamper your sweet tooth at the same time.

Photo cakes could emboss family photos, cartoon characters, photos of the birthday person, in shapes which could be round, square rectangle, heart, open book or any other shape that comes across your mind. You just have to think aloud and the baker and team would start working on it.