Theme cakes in Chennai for birthday boy

Theme cakes in Chennai for birthday boy

Cakes and birthdays, which have become inseparable in the past few centuries, have evolved a lot with interesting and new variations plunging into the game. Besides visual creativity, theme cakes in Chennai flavours of are an important part of selecting cakes for boys. Chiffon cakes, rich chocolate cakes, black forest cakes, rainbow cakes, cakes with vanilla and butterscotch flavours, cakes in fruit flavours, strawberry and cheese flavours and humming bird cakes would be a sure hit in the birthday party celebrations. The goal achieved is to have pampered the eye and spoil the tongue and make the birthday more memorable for years to come.

Cartoon theme cakes in Chennai

If the cake is meant to be a surprise, you could safely choose cakes embossed with spiderman, superman, Hulk, batman and star wars icons. The happiness is optimized in these theme cakes in Chennai when you add ‘Happy birthday (name of the birthday boy) Superman’ or ‘Happy birthday (name) Batman’ and so on, especially for boys aged below 10. Sports car embossed square birthday cakes for boy would also be a winning choice.

Flavours for theme cakes in Chennai

In case, if you could not guess the favourite super hero of the birthday boy, choosing chocolate flavour is a good idea. Either could you sprinkle the kid’s favourite chocolates over the chocolate flavoured cake or emboss the chocolate cake with the birthday boy’s favourite games.

These chocolate cakes are accentuated with vanilla filling or fruits like orange, lemon, raspberry are contrasting flavours which work well with chocolate flavours in square birthday cakes for boy.

Sports and hobbies theme cakes in Chennai

Think of sports theme cakes in Chennai for birthday boys and soccer or football rule the roost which is closely followed by tennis and cricket. One could widen imaginations and go in for shapes like gloves, team shirts and skateboards. If the boy is a toddler, nursery rhymes theme, jungle safari, minion, video games remote and Harry Potter themes would be captivating. Though chocolate is favourite option, the cakes could also be made with fruit flavours like pineapple and be served along with cup cakes for birthday.

These sports cakes can also be in form of photo cakes. Speaking about photo cakes, birthday boys would be excited to find any of their favourite games or their own photos embossed on the cakes. Cartoon stories like the entire Chota Bheem team on the photo cake would make their day. Or perhaps a Chota Bheem image or Tom and Jerry image with ‘Happy Birthday name’ inscribed on it would do wonders. One could also serve individual cup cakes for birthday with Chota Bheem face embossed on it.

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