Fudge brownie and difference between fudge and brownie

Fudge brownie and difference between fudge and brownie

Though they look alike and vary from each other by few degrees of heat, fudge and brownie belong to totally different families. While fudge is a sort of chocolate candy, brownie is almost a cake version. The journey to seek the difference between fudge and brownie would help a connoisseur to taste them better.

Ingredients-Difference between fudge and brownie

Brownie, by its texture, can be found between cake and cookie and is made in different densities, sometimes taking it closer to fudges. Fudge is thicker and harder with predominantly rich flavour and more sweet. Brownie is dominated by flour in its difference between fudge and brownie while fudge has more of milk, sugar and butter. 

Fudge accommodates dry fruits, nuts and marshmallows while brownie has only cocoa powder and basic baking ingredients. When the chocolate and butter are reduced, one could obtain a taller and cakey brownie and stand apart from fudges. In other words using more chocolate and butter and reducing flour, fudge is made.

The oreo factor-Difference between fudge and brownie

Oreo fudge can be made with as simple as three ingredients namely chopped chocolates, condensed milk and oreo cookies. If one wants more, marshmallows and vanilla extract could be added and enhance the difference between fudge and brownie.

Oreo brownies are incredibly tastier than normal brownies while fudge brownie with oreo are of ultimate taste. Though the discussion would lead the readers to spoil themselves and indulge, the concept unfolded is worth the discovery. Despite numerous recipes to make them, it is best to trust the job of making the best oreo brownies to established bakers like Kichees Baked Delights who have decade plus experience in cakes, chocolates and other European desserts.

Packed in airtight container and stored in freezer fudge brownie near me last for three months.

Chocolate-the difference between fudge and brownie

Chocolate fudges are loaded with dry fruits and could be ordered at online cake shop in T Nagar Chennai. Fudge brownie with chocolate serves as great snack options while at work or to be gifted to loved ones. Chocolate fudge brownie near me too has dry fruits in them but presence of chocolate gives a fudgy texture. 

Given chocolate as an ingredient, the difference between fudge and brownie becomes a thinner line too minute to be deciphered.

A die hard chocolate fan or someone with incorrigible sweet tooth knows the difference and is very fussy when you name something fudgy as brownie or vice versa. The art of immersing in fudges and brownies and the skill to appreciate them is but a joy that has to be experienced to be understood.