Doll cakes-invite Barbie to your birthday party

Doll cakes-invite Barbie to your birthday party

Birthday cakes for little girls have become increasingly interesting in the recent past. What remains unchanged is the inclusion of pink colours and shapes of the birthday girl’s favourite dolls embossed or sculpted in these doll cakes

Trends in birthday cakes and Doll cakes

While celebrating birthdays for children, the latest cakes for birthdays are of prime importance. These cakes must be visually appealing and make the birthday girl and her invitees extremely happy. The taste of the cake must be unique and of high quality. The taste lingers in the tongue and should be memorable in the days to come.

Most of the birthday cake latest design includes surprise elements like candies, chocolates or perhaps a small gift or some lovable birthday greetings message for the birthday girl. Ice cream drip cake design, Rainbow cakes and cakes with Disney princess dolls decked in pink are attractive latest cakes for birthdays.

The doll cake is more interesting when the barbie doll stands over a princess castle cake. The latest cake ka photo shows amazing castle cakes done in pink which transfers the birthday girl and her friends to the land of imagination.

Doll cakes for art craft lovers

If the birthday girl loves art and crafts, one could opt for doll cakes with brush and palette fondants or fondants in the shape of other craft tools placed near the doll. What more would give more happiness if this layout was placed over a cake that pours chocolate coins, nuts or marshmallows when being sliced.

Flavours for doll cakes

Beneath the doll and castle in the latest cakes for birthdays add flavours like black currant, black forest, butterscotch, choco almond, choco walnut, mango, choco coconut, Irish coffee, oreo, pineapple, salted caramel and strawberry among many other flavours that you can imagine. They are available in both egg and eggless variations.

Rainbow cakes with flavours matching colours can pose as doll cakes when accompanied by pony or unicorn dolls. Choose a birthday cake latest design in this theme and the baker would only be too glad to oblige. Check out the latest cake ka photo for more interesting options.

The show-stealer doll cakes

Barbie doll is decked up in floral dress cake or roses dress cake and these doll cakes are also available as barbie doll fondant cake or Barbie dressup cake. Interestingly these doll cakes are available in blue or pale yellow colours too.

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