Cake textures in nearest cake shop

Cake textures in nearest cake shop

Devouring cakes becomes an unforgettable experience when one inclines to understand its nature and capacities. Cakes are delightful especially when they reach us in a spectrum of combinations of their ingredients. Such cakes are broadly classified as butter cakes and foam cakes based on their fat content. Foam cakes rarely have fat and contain more eggs. Butter cakes are however more moist owing to the high butter or margarine content. Each of these classifications in our nearest cake shop has a myriad of possibilities in them.

American style cakes, carrot cakes and red velvet cakes are types of butter cakes which use more oil for leavening purposes. Pound cake is a type of butter cake which uses pound each of ingredients like butter, sugar, flour and eggs.

Frosting options in the nearest cake shop

Frosting for cakes include butter cream, whipped cream, royal icing, cream cheese frosting, meringue and fondant. While butter cream is tasty and flexible, whipped cream is light and fluffy. Royal icing is used for fruit cakes whose outer shell is hard and dries out when it solidifies. Cream cheese is used in our nearest cake shop for oil based cakes like carrot cakes and red velvet cakes. Meringue icing, which is available in French, Italian and Swiss variants, has a foamy consistency. Fondant icing is used in celebration cakes.

Cake types in our nearest cake shop

Interestingly, American style cakes are sturdy enough to accommodate any amount of icings and fillings. Pound cakes are dense and owing to its richness they do not require much icing or fondant over them.

Foam cakes in our nearest cake shop may have egg white only or egg whites and yolk. Those with egg white only are baked in taller pan since they rise considerably. Those with egg white and yolk are richer yet light and can be baked in shallow pans. Either way, these cakes are delicate and cannot hold too much or heavy frosting and rather use simple glaze or whipped cream.

Chiffon cakes in the nearest cake shop employ a unique combination of oil and egg which provides a luxurious flavour in a delicate texture. Sponge cakes, on the other hand, are devoid of butter and oil and rely on butter whites for leavening and these cakes are relatively dry than other cakes.

Speaking about sponge cakes, there are four types including biscuit cakes, genoise cakes, angel food cake and chiffon cakes. The extremely dry biscuit cake, when moistened with fruit juice or liquor, is used in black forest cake assembly and is dabbed with whipped cream frosting that delivers a light texture.

Meanwhile, one could not resist thinking about pudding cakes which are moist and dense cross between cakes and puddings.

Baking cakes is cumbersome and challenging for a perfectionist since a small difference in ingredients or improvisation in the technique could change the entire concept and lead the baker to a totally different cake. Weight and temperature are sensitive parameters which cannot be overlooked even in the slightest attitude.

The texture of cakes depends upon the proportion of ingredients used in them which also determine the taste of the dessert. One cannot afford to ignore cake making methods like rubbing-in, melting, creaming, whisking, which all contribute to cake textures.