Black forest cakes

Black forest cakes

Black forest cakes are gaining momentum as the most favoured flavour for many occasions especially in birthdays and weddings. The chocolate flavoured base with lavish dollops of whipped cream topped by bright red berries spells joy and enthusiasm.

The cake gets its name from a German forest named Schwarzwald, which when translated in English means black forest. This place is famous throughout Germany for high quality cherries. These cherries are employed in making delicious juices and desserts. While some trace the first black forest cake in 1915, few others date it to 1930. Kichees Baked Delight is an online cake shop which offers authentic black forest cakes amidst many other flavours.

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The first Black Forest cake was a chocolate sponge cake with kirschwasser or cherry juice which replaced sugar or other alcohol based syrup and was exclusively enjoyed by the elite in Germany, Austria and Swtizerland. Of all cakes, this is one of the moistest ones. The taste of the cherry juice is unforgettable and fondly remembered for few days, no matter how many ever times we have tasted the cake delight. The home delivery services in T.Nagar Chennai employ their professional finesse in delivering these cakes to the venue with no damage whatsoever so that customers can avoid any mess and disappointments.

Black Forest cake is a chocolate cake which is inevitable variant of any online cake website, which stands unique due to the cherry juice. White forest cake also has cherry juice, but vanilla replaces chocolate. In a due course of time, it became a British favourite and spread all over Europe and America. One could sometimes remember red velvet cake which contains apple cider vinegar and try to compare it with the experience of tasting black forest cakes. Fruit juices do make cakes stand apart.

Though fruits like bananas, apples, pineapples, dates, figs, mangoes, papaya and pumpkins are used in cakes, fruit syrups are used as substitutes for sugar. Besides cherry juice, lemon and orange juices are popular in cakes dispatched through online cake delivery in T.Nagar, Chennai.

Black forest cake and black forest gateau are not the same though they appear to look similar. The Gateau verison is made from kirsch alcohol obtained from sour cherries whereas black forest cake is made from cherry juice. Other ingredients include chocolate, cream, egg (also without egg), butter, whipped cream, cocoa, icing sugar, sugar, baking powder and vanilla extract. This cake is also referred to as German Chocolate cake. This cake is unique contribution by Germany to global desserts, which are not bounded by ethnicity. When you order these cakes through T.Nagar cake shop, home delivery services assure your happiness through delivery of intact and fresh cakes and save you the trouble of transporting them.