All about rainbow cake online

All about rainbow cake online

Rainbow cake symbolizes happiness, peace and equality and was allegedly made by a baker for her friend who was moving to another city. An intent by a chef to make make the farewell for friend more memorable made way for rainbow cakes. It reached the host of an American TV cook show and the rest is history. Order rainbow cake online to discover the magic of sponge cake with spectrum of bright colours which give a lemon aroma when sliced. 

Describing rainbow cake online

The moist vanilla buttermilk cake with butter cream frosting is probably one of the best things that happened to rainbow cake Chennai. The concept took an interesting turn when a spectrum of colours was splashed on it, thus emerging rainbow cake concept.  These rainbow cake online pieces are either visibly rainbow colours or wrapped in one colour but with rainbow coloured slices piled over one another. Mention buttermilk and juiciness and one could easily understand that the recipe is sourced from red velvet cake.

Adding colours to white velvet cake doesn’t mix colours and colours like pink, green and blue are obtained one by one. Preparing a 8”x2” cake pan to prepare one layer while keeping remaining batter is one way to get the cake done at home. But then ordering a square rainbow cake from cake shop in T Nagar Chennai would enhance the celebrations with no mess whatsoever.

Magic of rainbow cake online

The fresh cream rainbow cake Chennai is available in egg and eggless options in sizes 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 kg which could be customized as per request. The rainbow cake is available in heart, rectangle, round and square shapes. Rainbow cake online come with either  rainbow frosting or with regular white frosting. Rainbow swirl cake is more popular than rainbow layer cake. Sometimes surprises like colourful candies are kept inside the cake, which falls out like waterfalls when the cake is cut. Such surprises are mos loved by kids. Such cakes can also be called as rainbow explosion cakes.

Innovations in rainbow cake online

Instead of making coloured icing,one could make strawberry cake, pistachio cake, orange cake and pile them over one another to make rainbow cake online, which appears to be a healthier option.

Rainbow coloured roses make the cakes more attractive. Rainbow cake is a good choice for birthday and other celebrations not only because of its taste but also owing to its attractive  looks that peps up the party mood. Rainbow cake 1kg price makes the treat more affordable than ever.

While unfrosted cakes need not be refrigerated, frosted rainbow cakes must be kept in the refrigerator. Multicoloured fondants, sprinkles and unicorn are used to decorate these cakes.