Buy cakes for Diwali in Chennai-the multicultural touch to the Indian festival

Buy cakes for Diwali in Chennai-the multicultural touch to the Indian festival

Any celebration is accentuated with feel good foods like cakes and Diwali is no exception. Sending diwali cakes to loved ones is gaining popularity during the festival of lights and love. Desserts are an important part of the festival where delicious cakes take a prominent part in the exchange of gifts. One could choose from a myriad of cake ingredients and customize the themes and decoration according to the taste of the sender or the recipient.

If you have tried all the traditional sweets for the festival of lights, buy cakes for diwali and give an interesting twist to the celebrations which everyone would love. In the current Indian scenario where more people are tech savvy and working in MNCs, the average Indian lifestyle cannot do without jeans, pizzas and pastas as a part of their routine. In such conditions, cakes are the first choice when your sweet tooth nags for a treat.

Kichees Baked Delights is an apt choice to buy cakes for Diwali in Chennai, thanks to its decade plus expertise in Western desserts and skills sourced from training in the likes of Switzerland and San Francisco. These cakes are decorated with bright colours like electric blue, yellow, leaf green and pink for instances and topped with fondants like diya to mark the occasion. Some are decorated with images like crackers, orange flowers, Ganesha, rangoli patterns.

Employing home delivery services are the best bet to dispatch cakes to loved ones, so that the cakes are given to your loved ones in intact condition and in time. Such deliveries are monitored and tracked so that the sender just sits back and relaxes. Consider red velvet or black forest flavours when you buy cakes for Diwali, since they are among the few hints which add merry to the celebrations.

Especially when you buy cakes for Diwali in Chennai, try this cake shop in T.Nagar which can customize as the client asks for, be it ingredients or themes. Besides celebration cakes, they also provide travel cakes, cup cakes, doughnuts, brownies, cookies, homemade chocolates, mousse, cheesecakes and tarts which could also be a perfect part of the festive season. One could also avail of customized gift boxes to exchange happiness during the festival of lights.

Kitkat cakes and flavours like chocolate vanilla, butterscotch, pineapple, chocolate mud cakes, chocolate truffle, chocochips, oreo, strawberry, blueberry are splendid options for cakes during this season. These Diwali cakes with the likes of Tiramisu infused in it are excellent fusion of desserts when they support the Indian sweets which add happiness to the festival.

When you buy cakes for Diwali, besides choosing from a huge range of shapes, one could also opt for photo cakes with innovative images printed on it with edible ink. It is interesting to note that times have changed and celebrations are more improved in India by blending the hints of globalization in our own festive culture. These cakes are available in both egg and eggless variants and some could also be vegan.

buy cakes for Diwali in Chennai

When you buy cakes for Diwali in Chennai, try toppings like choco chips, sprinkles, cookies, real and glazed fruits, jelly and jams. Happiness during a festival like Diwali gets multiplied while desserts like cakes add to the multi cultural tint that has evolved in Chennai and let’s begin celebrations with these delicious desserts.