Birthday cakes or Wedding cakes, just celebrate

Birthday cakes or Wedding cakes, just celebrate

Gone are the days where any cake can be relished during birthdays, weddings or festivals. Cakes are more streamlined to focus on the occasion and birthday cakes, when being unique makes the day more special for the one celebrating it. Embossing photos made with edible ink that focuses on the birthday person and sometimes the hobbies and interests are themes in the dessert. These cakes are different in tone, when addressed to girls, boys, men and women celebrating the day. While pink colour and Barbie images are predictably interesting for girls, boys might like some racing car and super heroes on their cakes.

Likewise women love red velvet cakes and chocolate truffles on their cakes while men love cakes with their hobbies like surfing, fishing and golf patterns or simply photos reminding happy moments with loved ones. Making surprise cakes with such elements would be truly successful in creating awe.

Cakes are grouped in many themes besides birthdays, weddings and Christmas and are available in many flavours where the basic monotony of flour, butter, sugar and eggs are removed and a new variant evolves by the day. Flavoured cakes are modified every time they are made and the myriad of combinations are simply breathtaking.

Speaking about flavours, chocolate, coffee, lemon, pineapple, banana, black forest, red velvet, butter scotch ones are popularly loved tints. Other interesting ones are funfetti, mint chocolate, hazelnut almond, pink champagne, pistachio rose and caramel apple tastes are much relished.

Wedding cakes in India are gaining pace with new flavours and patterns being part of the dessert. These cakes are no more confined to a particular community and anyone or most of those getting married have a cake in front of them immediately after they have tied the knot. Indian tradition and art are diligently diffused in these cakes where images of Indian bridal couple replace western ones. Indian royalty like elephants are also found in these cakes, not to mention colourful peacocks or lamps being part of the visual treat. The latest and most interesting is henna patterns found in these cakes.

People also love Taj Mahal and sweet platter images on their wedding day cakes not to mention the awe that rangoli creates when being displayed on these cakes.

Not only cakes but also their flavours have adapted to Indian traditions. Flavoured cakes that remind gulab jamun, mango, ras malai are simply delectable. Though the usual western flavours like chocolate and red velvet for instances are popular in the sub continent, Indian touch is always special when found in cakes. Such creativity is also delicious especially when banana, coconut, lemon, orange and ginger are added to cakes.

Unique versions like American cakes are as interesting as those cakes found elsewhere in the globe. Chiffon cake is one notable invention of the United States along with Red Velvet cake, Hummingbird cake and pineapple upside down cake, which reminds the new found land. Washington cake, Boston cream pie, carrot cake and cider cake are also noteworthy.

Christmas cakes have also improved a lot with easier baking methods and innovative flavours that are in harmony with the tradition at the same time. Owing to availability of ingredients and accordance to staple diets, these cakes vary amidst different countries.

Though cup cakes identify themselves with the routine life, they are facing many changes with passionate chefs trying to infuse tradition and innovations in one go in the cakes. Similarly Valentine’s Day cakes are evolving beyond pink colours and heart shapes. Customers come up with unique shapes and ingredients so that the cake is unique.

Whatever the motive or theme might be, a bite of the delicious dessert is what really matters.