European fudges and fusion approach to Pongal festival

Explore dry fruit fudges with chocolate base and try out the spectrum of fudges to be gifted to loved ones during this Pongal festival. Enjoy this festive season by letting goodies melt down your throat, because festivals come only once a year.

Replace Indian fudges with European ones and pep up Pongal

Exchange good will with loved ones during this Pongal festival with chocolate fudges instead of Indian fudges like Kaju Katli and Badam Halwa. Explore the spectrum of fudge varieties like those with white pecan, bubblegum and red velvet flavours or customize your own gift box

Fudge brownie and difference between fudge and brownie

There is barely a thread difference between fudge and brownie, but training to appreciate both these dessert snacks pays well to the connoisseur.

Doll cakes-invite Barbie to your birthday party

Let your girl have the most unforgettable birthday party with her friends this year and make this possible with doll cakes with perhaps surprises loaded in it.

All about rainbow cake online

Celebrate special occasions in Chennai and make events more memorable by ordering rainbow cake online, which is a delicious feast for both eyes and taste buds.

Theme cakes in Chennai for birthday boy

Birthdays for boys of any age are pepped up and made memorable for years to come by celebrating with theme cakes in Chennai, which have evolved rapidly.

Gourmet cupcakes near me: a deep insight

Buy Cakes in T Nagar Chennai

Gourmet food is anything that is made with high quality ingredients and gourmet cupcakes refers to those cupcakes made in small batches. The key to such cupcakes is to definitely avoid bulk manufacture and this attribute gives a personal touch to the dessert and adds to its exclusiveness. Gourmet cupcakes near me are worth the effort… Continue reading Gourmet cupcakes near me: a deep insight

Cake textures in nearest cake shop

Buy Cakes in T Nagar Chennai

Devouring cakes becomes an unforgettable experience when one inclines to understand its nature and capacities. Cakes are delightful especially when they reach us in a spectrum of combinations of their ingredients. Such cakes are broadly classified as butter cakes and foam cakes based on their fat content. Foam cakes rarely have fat and contain more… Continue reading Cake textures in nearest cake shop

Birthday cakes or Wedding cakes, just celebrate

Gone are the days where any cake can be relished during birthdays, weddings or festivals. Cakes are more streamlined to focus on the occasion and birthday cakes, when being unique makes the day more special for the one celebrating it. Embossing photos made with edible ink that focuses on the birthday person and sometimes the… Continue reading Birthday cakes or Wedding cakes, just celebrate

Buy cakes for Diwali in Chennai-the multicultural touch to the Indian festival

when you buy cakes for Diwali in Chennai, try this cake shop in T.Nagar which can customize as the client asks for, be it ingredients or themes.